By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Use the equivalent of this command if you are using a different DBMS. A good make program. In the end, we encountered configure or compiler errors that prevented us from using the source package. We found this one. I need help installing SQLite embedded database.

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From the libiodbc build directory:. Sign up using Facebook. I need help installing iODBC I cannot connect to PostgreSQL 7. Once you have all the required files, unpack the source files to a separate directory, you then have to run configure and build the library using make.

To build the driver libraries, you have to just execute make. WriteString ‘Description’, ‘ ‘ ; fReg. General information on troubleshooting can be found in the FAQ. For more information about how to build and set up the static and shared libraries across the different platforms refer to ‘ Using static and shared libraries across platforms ‘.


s390x build of myodbc 5.1.10-3 in ubuntu xenial RELEASE

Delphi You must use DBE 3. I need help configuring my DSNs The PostgreSQL documentation recommends doing this daily from cron.

If you are an administrator and you still find this troubling, then you are in good company. On most platforms, MySQL does not build or support. Please see the PostgreSQL documentation for further details.

You can build the driver using these files. Please be aware that we have relatively limited exposure to using RLS with SQLite than other database management systems. To get the client libraries and include files, visit http: Important notes on RLS initialization.

MySQL :: MySQL Connector/ODBC

Please be advised and advise other users responsible for bringing up the RLS that the startup initialization may take a few minutes before the RLS may be accessible.

We have used the following commands to install iODBC version 3.

The commands below demonstrate the show tables command with a MySQL database. Then use the following commands to build and install the release version: As of the GT 4. Use the equivalent of this command if you are using a different DBMS. If any errors occur, correct them and continue mydbc build process.

  EP 320X S1 1D DRIVER

We have found most source installers of myorbc DBMS to be reliable. Unable to connect to the local host. We have used the following commands to install unixODBC version 2. On Mac OS X, –enable-shared builds. To enable debugging information, build the driver from source distribution and use the –with-debug option when you run configure.

WriteString ‘Password’, ” ; fReg. For a list of common errors in GT, see Error Codes.

Troubleshooting ODBC Connection Problems

A good make program. Confused2 51 1 1 3.

I need help installing unixODBC In cases like this, you have to download the MySQL distribution and configure it with these options:.