Cover Tx Side B f A scanned document will be added in the box. Here, you see Command No. When copying a bound document, such as a book, the copied image may contain some black areas. A compliant telephone cord and modular plug is provided with this product. If you try to copy several pages at a time, memory overflow may occur. Cover Page Prints the cover page.

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If required, this number must be provided to the telephone company. The idle time setting can be changed. You cannot switch the mode in any of the following cases: To search for a function: To send a broadcast fax: Your murztec can store incoming documents in security boxes up to 30 documents as long as 31 days, after which it automatically erases the documents.

Machine Parameter Adjustment To prevent jams and damage to your machine, do not use the following: For disposal or recycling information, please contact your local authorities.


Then enter the correct name.

Don’t have an account? Solenoid 2nd Cst This manual describes the standard operating procedures of your machine. Before transporting the machine, be sure to check that you disconnect the plug from the outlet and remove the line cable.

Connecting the optional handset Attach the handset cradle and the spacer using the screws supplied with the cradle. To select the document type: To prevent paper jams, do not refill this paper cassette without first removing any remaining paper. Real-time Transmission non Memory Transmission Fbs Motor mfx Only Your machine does not erase a document from the box when it is polled.

Fax Charge Sets the print charge for fax receptions.

Muratec F-305 Fax Machine User Manual

To do this, you must be communicating with another Fcode-compatible machine. For the name of your authorized service center, contact Muratec from the United States, call ; from Canada, check your in-box materials for the number to call.

If the document is removed from the ADF before a delayed command completes, mruatec cancels the delayed real time transmission. Scanner Errors [cd] Set Consumable Order Sheet Your Fax Number For example, if you use the colored paper for the separator page, it is easy to see the individual received document.


Muratec F Toner Cartridge – Prints Pages – QuikShip Toner

Guide Inner A Report Soft key 2: Dtmf Output Test The following information describes how to program the access number. If the murtec is idle for 3 minutes, the machine will automatically erase any document stored in memory during the last operation.

Page Rx, Duplex Rx Primary Mode You can set the primary standby mode. An Auto reduction setting and a reduction margin setting of 40 mm will print most incoming faxes as single pages.

Using an answering machine with your machine: