Watermark Calendar Function buttons Play buttons Split-screen buttons Recording data status information Lock file Back to live surveillance Function buttons: Connect video signals to the camera input ports of VP-2x. Important information Before proceeding, please read and observe all instructions and warnings contained in this manual. System log and Operation log support. We are not responsible for non-approved motherboards.

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MSI MS-7097 Manuals

Set the protocol to PPP. The max hard drive size supported is GB each. Please refer to Step 7. Other brand and product names referred to in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. You can save totally16 preset positions Recall buttons- Move the camera to the selected preset position.

Support For PE Neo3-V | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

Power On and Install Firmware After complete hardware installation, you can power on the PC as usual and follow the procedure below for firmware installation: About the GUI Introduction 5. For dual drives make sure one hard drive is set on primary and the secondary on slave. First, please change to single screen as following. After installing Firmware you can remove the CD-ROM and change to Hard disk for extend your storage size mis 4 hard disks total system.


MSI 865PE Neo3-V Instruction Manual: Specifications

ZOOM mdi – adjust the zoom to provide a more closer or wider view of the subject. Preset buttons- Save current camera position. Different PTZ devices can work on same serial bus. This chapter covers mouse operation. High video quality and low data rate. Besides, VP-2x series supports digital recording function. Recommendation Motherboard I Appendix B: The manufacturer reserves the right to revise and improve its products.

MSI PE Neo3-V Specifications |

Important information Before proceeding, please read and observe all instructions and warnings contained in this manual. Not all VGA cards will work due to unsupported Linux device drivers. No user service-able parts inside. On the remote PC, 865le a new dial-up setting Windows. The camera can be remotely controlled to do zoom in and out, and the unit can be triggered to initiate certain events.

Alarm log Search by Event 3. Do not install this product in hazardous areas where highly combustible or explosive products are stored or used.


This panel is displayed when change to single screen. Download and ne3o-v the file to install ActiveX. Multiple video compression engines: At the prompt, enter the same administrator login name and password as before.

Pan and tilt buttons – Adjust the pan and tilt of the selected camera include 45 degree directional PTZ control at 865ep right, upper left, button right, button left of PTZ control panel To set a camera configuration: VP is an optional device, if you need it please contact us.

Click Setup button on the right panel to show setup menu. Install the capture card into an available PCI slot. This uses a Java applet to display the video.

The login dialog box will appear. For remote monitoring or access to historical data, you will have to set up the LAN or Internet environments and configure VP-2x series IP information.