Now, when I need a replacement battery, I’m willing to pay a FAIR price for a reliable battery, but how does one know if a particular battery or brand is reliable? Yesterday morning, I checked the two phones and both batteries still showed 3 out of 3 bars. It is either an old “refurbished” battery which is what I got and turned out to be junk , or it is a new but knockoff counterfeit battery. As I wrote, there are people out there selling old batteries that were manufactured a long time ago. What is the date on them?

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A mptorola battery may show false full charge as indicated on your phone or charger. However, the battery meter still remains at 6.

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Memory Effect – The life of a battery may motorolq gradually shortened if it is recharged before it is completely discharged. I will continue to recommend these Lenmar batteries.

Motorola Razr BR50 BR56 replacement battery options

I would be grateful for your input. I am going to leave this review online for now in case any of the information in it is helpful to anyone, but again, the Lenmar CLM has been discontinued and is no longer made.

And these are five year old br6 I am currently charging and hope it takes and that there is not something else wrong with the phone. BR50BR56cell phone. I’d love to get the cheapest battery out there, but I also want to get a battery that will work, and that will hold a decent charge and will last several years.


Mobile by Stephen Shankland 8 days ago. Click to read the latest news. Motoola bad the Lenmar CLM is not available any longer.

Tsquared: Motorola BR56 Cell Phone Battery Vs the BR50

The motirola Lenmar replacement battery worked just as well as the first one. TVs by Rick Broida Dec 3, Anyway, the BR50 battery in it will fully charge, but won’t hold a charge very long when left in the standby mode Even if you use AC power most of the time; use the battery periodically to keep it fresh and healthy. I tried turning it on about 20 minutes later, and it b56 on just fine. What is the date on them? About ten months ago I wrote this quick guide to the br6 between the BR56 and the BR50 cell phone batteries.

I pulled both of them out to see if they’d still turn on and check the Lenmar batteries in them. Also the battery may not power up the phone because of low voltage.

Motorola BR56 Cell Phone Batteries

I’d also buy directly from Amazon and not a third-party vendor on Amazon, even if they’re a buck or two cheaper. Still the best smartwatch, but the Fitbit Versa is a close second Still the best motroola, but the Fitbit Versa is a close second by Scott Stein.


Battery Type material that the battery is made of.

Mobile Accessories by Ty Pendlebury Dec 5, Last yearI needed to buy a new rechargeable battery for our Nikon Coolpix digital camera, and because of my experience with the Lenmar replacement batteries for our Razr flip phones, I bought a Lenmar lithium-ion rechargeable battery for our Nikon camera.

I won’t post comments if I need to clarify or confirm information in them but am motlrola to email the person who commented, so please include motogola email address.

I did a quick Google shopping search for “Motorola BR56 battery” and found the following listing being sold by what appeared to be a reputable company.

You can read my original archived long version at the end of this post below. Good luck on your battery issue!

Motorola Br56 Battery OEM RAZR V3 V3m 750 mAh

I wish I had read it a few days ago. It is either an old “refurbished” battery which is what I got and turned out to be junkor it is a new but knockoff counterfeit battery.

Otherwise, eventually the battery will fully discharge even with the phone turned offand if it continues to sit fully discharged mtorola too long, it will not recharge.