If you are unable to resolve the issue with a clean install, please contact support so that we can help you out! If this is not the case, it may be advantageous to leave the default settings. That generally means Intel, which has the resources to sweat the details. I’d give it a try. Archived from the original on This was considered a breakthrough at the time [4] as independent reviews verified that gaming and downloading would proceed without interfering with each other.

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You may find that your Ethernet speed is capped kilelr Mbps when your Internet Service Provider, or your internal network connection, should be providing speeds greater than Mbps. Wireless xTend for Killer allows owners of the Killer to turn their machines into wireless access points, xTending the range of the currently connected wireless network through their computer.

You can find the latest Killer Control Center here: Intel Ethernet controller on the left, Doubleshot on the right. Our knowledge base contains e220 limited known information.

Guide: Turn your Killer E NIC into Qualcomm Atheros AR | TechPowerUp Forums

Or you could try the latest drivers from Killer Networks themselves. Most Killer Networking adapters work well with most Linux kernels without the need for any troubleshooting or setup.

If you encounter an error when installing the. While we do not yet have a guide for this, there are quite a few around the web, such as this excellent guide for rolling back to Windows 10 Joined Nov 23, Messages 0.


These are Ethernet adapters, so they cannot be used wirelessly. Wake on pattern match: A note on finding your Windows version number – You will see Windows version numbers referenced in kille following information. Keep in mind that, in most cases, the default settings for your Ethernet adapter will provide the same results.

Joined Nov 13, Messages 14, 3. In order to use Link Aggregation, you must be using an Enterprise grade router with this capability, and a Windows Server Operating System. Once your machine finds no updates, restart again, and then check for updates once more.

The only setting that is of concern for a Killwr connection is that the adapter is set to Auto-Negotiate. Once there is no power to the machine, press and hold the power button for ten seconds, to complete the power drain. My desktop was still getting less than 24 mbps. Qualcomm eventually relented and now offers a barebones version of the Atheros LAN and Wi-Fi driver set without the manager included.

All the “Killer” series is just a kil,er killer and offers no real world performance beyond epeen and marketing. Joined Jun 3, Messages 1 0. As such, if you encounter an issue with your Killer Networking inc in Linux, your best, quickest, and most accurate line of support is going to be the community, either for the Linux distribution that you are using, or the driver itself. Vario Mar 15, Killr E E Killer Ethernet link aggregation nic teaming teaming. This predictably results in slower overall operation and produces some embarrassing results, especially in general use, with no measurable advantages gained in return.


If you are unable to get your speed issues sorted out using the above tips, feel free to contact us directly using the information below! If you are unable to install this version, please try installing version 1. TheGoat Eater Jun 2, Ethernet vs DoubleShot internet results. If you haven’t already, please try installing the latest Killer Control Center from our website, and only from our website.

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The installer will first install device drivers, and then redirect to the Windows Store to install the Killer Control Center software. How is it possible that in this ideal environment, improvements were so difficult to find?

Keep on the kkller at hand please.