The touchpad is very wide good for a wide-screen model , there is a jagged scroll bar on the right. A click on the bundle name opens a web page with detailed specifications. All work indicators in this model are on the front panel. The notebook is equipped with a stand-alone player to watch DVD and listen to music without booting into the primary operating system. On one hand, it’s a good desktop notebook with a decent battery life and a powerful configuration. I found no negative consequences. The reverse side is the mirror effect, when a panel reflects illuminated objects.

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This is an excellent mainstream notebook at a reasonable price.

It’s an excellent multimedia notebook for home use from the famous manufacturer. The button is above the others in the center of the case.

Hewlett-Packard DV – Home Multimedia Notebook with High Quality Audio

Firstly, the notebook sounds much louder than the others. If you watch a movie especially sitting opposite to a window or a light sourceyou can see well your reflection in dark scenes.

But I’m a left-hander, so I automatically inserted the remote into the wrong slot. Keep it at home, feed it with interesting discs, and wipe your finger prints with a soft cloth — in return, it will accompany you to your summer cottage and will show you a new movie without the trouble of plugging external speakers! When enabled, a ring under the HP logo starts shining blue.


Interestingly, numlock is enabled in combination with Fn. But I’d like to have more functions to control this process or at least to know that my applications are backed up. Please share our article, every link counts! Dv50000 uses Altec Lancing speakers in these models. This series has always had a number of interesting peculiarities.

That’s exactly the case — this model is equipped with a standard keyboard with an insert around it looking like black glass easily stained bvidia finger prints.

Silently adding installed applications into a restore image may certainly save some trouble for inexperienced users. But I’d like more control over this process.

HP Pavilion dv5000t

I can only note that selection of authorized service centers by towns does not work, you have to browse the general page. The only flaw and really the nviria major drawback to this notebook is the battery chamber that sticks out the back. This aspect of the notebook is a joy. However, it’s not a problem for a desktop notebook. Speech is reproduced much better. Please, switch off ad blockers.

But as apvilion rule, Hewlett-Packard takes its warranties very seriously. So it’s a nice add-on to the main functionality of the notebook. But I didn’t test it. Besides, your left wrist will block them as you type. DV is a home multimedia model. The web site may also contain other minor bugs. Not that it’s too high in itself.


You can adjust the display to watch a movie so that colors on the entire display are similar, but if you deflect the display a little or bow it forward nvidiia distortions are inevitable. All work indicators in this model are on the front panel. The remote is not very ergonomic. What concerns me, my fingers start to ache after a long period of typing. And the audio system in this notebook is really very good. There were not many drivers at the time of my visit 2 links.

At the same time, HP has the Pavilion series for paviliob users, which was not available in the Russian market up to recently before Summer