This is ATI trying to hide from its competitors Let’s tear to pieces then The Ti version further increases performance and Gainward have taken it that little bit further. Titans are still cheaper, though they lack for shaders The cards have a reputation of being solid overclockers, often going well beyond the rated specification and we’ll take a good look at that later in the review. Also increased card clocks should show discernable performance increases unlike Unreal Tournament. On an existing operating system installation it would just have been a matter of removing the old cards drivers, swapping cards and rebooting.

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NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January 2002

But chips are from Ultra, memory is from Pro, and it is cheaper than the latter. The PCB is a striking red colour, along with the memory heatsinks and the GPU cooler making it a standout card if showing off your gainsard is your thing. Consequently, the video signal can only be output at a single refresh rate.

The Golden Sample cards have two modes: However, they are “dual-head” Gainward is attempting to circumvent this problem by overclocking through the driver – which is no different than overclocking through software tools.

The GeForce3 Ti cards differ from their geforc2 in more than just clock speed. With either card running all games out today at extremely playable speeds, the Gainward relies more on it’s other features to stand out.

Win, Lose or Ti – 21 GeForce Titanium Boards –

Finally, we have Aquamark. DVD playback, while not up to the quality gainwarv out test ATi Radeon was acceptable and very watchable.


This can be very helpful if the salesperson at your local computer store agrees to install the card into a computer if you are unsure about it.

It’s a shame that full VIVO capability couldn’t be added to the card since that would give it an added edge. It’s nice to see explicit support for NT4 here since many manufacturers dont consider NT4 to a be a good gaming operating system and this is ostensibly a gamers card, however a large range of games work perfectly well, the majority being OpenGL based for which NT4 has always been a solid platform.

Write a comment below. Till recently such cards came with the Ulead VideoStudio program which often displayed a black-and-white image in a video capture mode, and the copy protection MacroVision often took amateur sources as licensed ones.

TV-Out, while not tested extensively was fine and gaming at x, the maximum resolution, was very fast with no complaints. The power supply, consisting of two open or closed coils, is located on the upper side of the card.

The engine runs incredibly fast on current hardware. Lets take a look at the official specification before moving gdforce2 to performance.

Above around 45fps is decent performance in Aquamark so that’s what we are aiming for. It’s a fast GPU with excellent features and runs all current games very well. Let me know if it works for you! Here we see a rough increase of about 4 frames per second across all resolutions from our initial increase in memory clock to the Ti speeds.


The card is highly overclockable and ti50 decent cooling could maybe go higher. The most visible change is the new power supply which uses fewer components. Suma Platinum GeForce3 Ti This benchmark loads an accelerator with geometry, large textures and huge effects.

You can see the increase to Mhz memory gives less than 1fps increase.

Most cards from Taiwan at least come bundled with a small collection of tools or utilities that make gainsard use of the card more comfortable or allow certain tweaks. Performance increase at x shows us that we are CPU limited at that resolution. Both tests are meant to demonstrate whether the card corresponds to its level.

Gainward GeForce3 PowerPack !!! Ti/ – NVIDIA GeForce2/3 Titanium Roundup – January

The GPU is worked extremely hard in Aquamark tu500 the program is very heavy on its usage of pixel and vertex shaders for the effects.

It is a real problem to choose gfeorce2 them as the prices are equal. Worth nothing is the performance baseline of the results at all card clocks. It’s not quite as fast as ATi’s R but when the performance is at the levels we saw here, you start to consider more than raw frames per second.