On the right side of the player are three controls: Default 3 minutes or User between 3 and 30 minutes Sleep: You won’t find the minutia found in some other systems, but you still have a good deal of control over the player. The first two controls are self-explanatory, but the jog lever serves a few functions. Three seconds, User 3 to 30 seconds , or Off Auto Play:

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SmartMedia is a bit thinner, but I really don’t know why Digitalway mixed up the formats. We work outside of the city in a high-interference area an I was still able to jpio in my favorite channels with good consistency.

MPIO – Portable Flash and Hard Drive MP3 Players

The LCD shows all the info you could want: Hard-drive-based Micro hard-drive-based Flash-based MP3 CD Hard-drive-based players Most likely, a high-capacity player can accommodate every song you’ve ever purchased or ripped from ff CD. And hell, if pressed I might describe it as beautiful.

It’s so small that a remote would be silly. The headphone jack accepts the inline remote interface, but you could also forgo the remote and simply plug directly into the player. Move to the FM Mode by pressing the Func button. On moio right side of the player are three controls: Enter text from picture: I am no effing you.


Mpio FD100 Silver ( 128 MB ) Digital Media Player

Luckily, many mpiio micro drive-based players such as the Creative Zen Micro feature a user-replaceable battery. Mpuo you start checking out specific models, you should have a basic understanding of the types of MP3 players a vailable. You won’t find the minutia found in some other systems, but you still have a good deal of control over the player. This allows you to stick the FD in a backpack or pocket and access music using the small inline remote control.

Page 17 Remote Control and the Hold Slide on the main body run sepa- rately. On the left side of the player is a hold switch, a covered USB 1.

You can also push it in briefly in order to make a selection in the menu system. USB Interface Rev 1.

MPIO FD100 Firmware v.1.55

It’s not that it’s a large model, but the tiny remote makes the rig very convenient if you’re on the go often. Display the status of FM Mode. A player can have every feature in the world, but if the design doesn’t match your lifestyle or if the interface is impenetrable, you still won’t enjoy it. The function button simply toggles between playback and FM modes. The mode button sets A and B points for creating loops when pressed quickly.


The FD pulls power from a single AA battery. Also, hard drives have moving parts, so these players aren’t ideal for strenuous physical activity. It’s really difficult to not reference the FL while considering the FD Now, if they could just sneak in a more powerful headphone amp they’d be in business. Product Key Features Storage Capacity. Lastly, the FD comes with a nice little accessory package. The company unveiled it at CES and made it available almost immediately.

It’s certainly loud enough for me and my Grados, but I have a feeling a few people will find it a little underpowered. Like the FL, the FD is available in two flavors. The FD is a bit larger, though not much heavier or thicker, and comes with a remote.

Audio Player Accessories for Mpio Universal. You’d think you’d want your customers to be able to possibly own more than one portable or at least be able to upgrade knowing that their memory cards will work. Overall, the FD fs another very good player from Digitalway.