Jul 2, Posts: Devinco , Mar 11, I am already compressing the images on backup. ErikAlbert , Mar 11, By default, page file is 1.

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I would like to get rid of the biggest space hogs first.

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Best ways to put Windows XP Pro on a diet? (reducing Windows bloated file size)

Jun 16, Posts: USA still the best. Windows Insider says “It’s on purpose” updates have slowed way down on Win8 rodneymOct 20, ErikAlbertMar 11, Yes, my password is: Other related OS space saving tips, advice, and programs would be great.

Soft Life Nov 23, You say you need large partitions to handle the bloat. Windows 10 – best tools for your admin shed MrkvonicNov 12, Will Cortana go the way of Windows Phone?


The Four Circles of XP (Extreme Programming) – J.D. Meier’s Blog

May 9, Posts: RmusMar 12, The Complete Guide – all links http: Hi Everyone, Operating Systems used to be so small and light weight. Jan 31, Posts: DevincoMar 12, By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. MrkvonicMar 12, I’m not sure, it’s a good idea to change such a very complicated OS like Windows with millions lines of code. RmusMar 11, Where are these files stored and can one safely remove them?

I think n-lite requires net framework which is a 20 meg download. Are there websites that help people put the bloated beast that is Windows on a diet?

But I am looking for something more aggressive. Mrkvonic Nov 12, I can run the Disk Cleanup utility and get rid of temp files and some items.

Umbra Oct 23, Ewido scans take around 1min30secs,AV-3mins and smart cif defrags with PD take around 30secs. I also have turned off the Workstation service and don’t have any probs.


WSFuserMar 12, I want a lean OS to start with. Log in or Sign up.

This would be on a clean reformatted fresh install. Plus, reduce the size of the Temp folder to Mb rather than Mb default.