The macro keys surrounding the butterfly are made easy to locate via touch by mixing convex and concave tops. PC gamers take their art seriously. Did this solve your problem? The original Zboard allowed players to swap game-specific keysets into a base, allowing for excellent key labeling and crazy macro-action. I strongly recommend just generating your own as described below. The MERC lacks USB ports, which are a convenient feature now days and it is also unable to disable the windows keys, which will sometimes crash games if inadvertently pressed.

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Merc Stealth Zboard not working after Windows 10 KB4034674

Click new then add the directory of your inf2cat. I can only push windows updates so long. The array of numbered buttons above the butterfly was also particularly useful in World of Warcraft for assigning spells and abilities.

Acknowledge any unsigned driver warnings. While console fans rarely expand beyond the first-party controllers, PC gamers build their machines with loving care and have a plethora of hardware to choose from in order to suit their highly individualized tastes and zboars.

In another subjective point, I also like the wrist-area-attachment on the G15 and other keyboards, and the MERC does not have one, and is actually a little thick on the bottom, which took some getting used to.

The ieeazon keys surrounding the butterfly are made easy to locate via touch by mixing convex and concave tops. Ideazon, makers of the highly innovative swappable-keyset Zboard, are all about customization and PC gaming. If it doesn’t work for you, come back and start at step 4 again. I have the same question Tell us about your experience with our site.


Ideazon Zboard MERC Gaming Keyboard Review by IGN

Easier access to crouch was particularly useful in death-matching, as I had long suffered for not crouching in fire-fights because my hand got tired from making the necessary claw with a standard keyboard. Sorry this didn’t help.

The rest of the keyboard is relatively standard. The Zboard Engine macro software is a key component of the MERC’s performance, and the software has one of the best key assignment systems we’ve yet mdrc. The Zboard Engine software is excellent, intuitive, and powerful, and Ideazon has a solid history of keeping up with new releases with downloadable MOD Files.

Selecting an active layout is as simple as finding the game in the genre-organized list and giving it a double click.

While the MERC forgoes the cool limited edition game-specific Zboard keysets, it is a far more versatile keyboard as a result and won’t require upgrades down the road. Finally, the keys are not backlit, which would have been a really nice feature. The change from the typical WASD layout to which I had become so accustomed was a little strange at first, particularly having much larger directional keys to press.

Please recognize that it would be very easy to put malicious code into a driver installed in this manner. Just OK through them Ideazon currently provides 84 pre-programmed layouts that cover pretty much all of the recent hits as well as obvious classics like Unreal Tournament Offset at an ergonomic angle, the big red directional keys are surrounded by a great variety of extra buttons all configurable through the Zboard Engine software, which we’ll get to in a second.


The Engine also makes it easy to program your own layouts as well.

Ideazon Zboard MERC Review – IGN

It wasn’t long before I began to seriously appreciate the extra room to roam though what really did it for me was the massively superior access to weapon switching, crouching, jumping, and reloading the surrounding action keys provided in FPS games.

Download someone else’s driver at your own risk. Some are labeled with their expected functions, and the general layout remains pretty true to the standard FPS arrangement on a normal keyboard, albeit with much more space and larger buttons. PC gamers take their art seriously.

Merc Stealth Zboard not working after Windows 10 KB – Microsoft Community

Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver software did not work. Number-lock alternates between the numeric keys and the Ins-Del functions, much like a laptop. I’m quite accustomed to “clicky” keyboards the Logitech G15 was my previous keyboard of choice and the Zboard MERC’s keys are decidedly softer than what I’m used to.

Hit enter, then OK ideaon open windows. How satisfied are you with this response?

You can also refine pre-made layouts to your liking, or download layouts from other MERC users.