I believe the following files were what he walked me through in deleting which successfully got me back up and running: I have managed to keep it working on several systems. After all the angst and emptying trash when I knew better, totally wiping out the scanner application and not being able to reinstall with the original CD which was a version 1. The Epson Scanner Monitor is version 1. Mac Pro 2 x Quad 2.

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In this case it could be supported by the mustek SCSI csanner. Not supported until now. I followed the procedure from the January 9th report for the CanoScan F, and it worked fine. I followed the instructions from Canon, which were to: View All Video Cameras.

Uses a Primax ID.

Thanks for sharing kwsontag. Explore ecanner latest range of video cameras. See his later report Jan 28th, above where he mentions a driver update released but I can’t find it – but did see a Dec.


Where do I find a twain driver for the scanner? – Microsoft Community

Still can be tedious, but a huge plus. User profile for user: To install the driver or to scan, you must connect the scanner to the computer using a supported connection type.

I also reinstalled everything for my larger F scanner, but have not tested it yet. Navigate to the driver package: That’s the same canon support page and apple doc added here in early Dec. Mac Pro 2 x Quad 2. I have the following: I’ve had this scanner for a few years, I only use it intermittently it’s usually unpluggedand I haven’t stressed the capabilities or anything, but I had the opportunity to use scnner the other day and it worked fine.

Should be detected but may need some more work in the code. Since my Leopard Contact Support Contact Support.

HP ScanJet – Scanner driver and software support for Windows 10

Both Macs are running I leave the scanner off until needed. You can, of course change it in the finder or a folder when the scan is completed. However, someone started working on this scanner and some information is available see link.


I asked if he could send the update download page link You can get it by going to epson. To check, click the link in the Recommended solution column for your scanner. As posted previously the key seems to be installing in the correct order i.

I havent yet tried it on a brand new 2. Ai Studio Multi-Exposure 6.


Some scanners do not support network scanning or network installs. Nikon LSEpsonEpson To use all features of our website, it’s recommended to enable javascript in your browser! As the other earlier report on your page 84000f, the drivers from the Canon page did not work. Faced with that, we bought a printer and then a new scanner.