The paper take-up sequence is then performed again. Maintenance Counter Count c Do not throw toner or the toner bottle into a fire. Toner expelled from the fire may cause burns. Paper Empty Detection Mechanism

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This will blank out the Display.

Windows 10 – DEVELOP | Europe

Scanner Motor M5 2. Using a brush, whisk dust and dirt off the surface of the Developer Scattering Prevention Plate. Setting in the Adjust Mode Code No. DC24 V When pressed: Remove the Guide Assy. Removal of the CCD Unit 1.

This position is detected by a sensor. D Installation of the Mechanical Counter Option Remove two screws and the PWB Assy. T Black streaks or bands Secure the cables at the front and rear with a spring. Unplug all connectors but PJ20 from the Master Board.

Test Pattern Output c Paper Take Up Control Accessing The Function, Tech. Removal of the Control Board 1. Remove four screws and the Master Board. Using a soft cloth dampened with alcohol, wipe the Ds Collars clean of dirt. Size Reset Switch S10 6.


Remove the Right Roller. Paper Size Detecting Sensor S11 5.

Unplug one harness connector and remove the harness from one edge cover. Application Of Toner Deevlop Lifting Plate M Paper Take Up Mechanism Page 52 – Remove two screws at the front of the IU. Toner expelled from the fire may cause burns. Cleaning Of The Ccd Sensor 3. Misfeed Detection Sensor Layout Remove the Paper Dust Remover Assy.

Toner for Develop D 1531 ID

Paper Passage Test F Set the machine into the Tech. Press the following keys in this order: Loosen three screws and move the Scanner Motor Assy to the right or left to give tension develpp the spring.

PH window of PH Unit is dirty.