Not coincidentally, most of Ethiopia’s political power is concentrated in the hands of people from this region although not the new prime minister, it should be noted; he is from a southern province. Addis Ababa Stock Exchange in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On the other end of the spectrum, she was awarded and commended for her charity work. Even the country’s restive Muslim population has been quiet, waiting to see what the new leadership is all about before pressing on with their campaign for a greater say in the country’s and their own affairs.

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Her role has at times been controversial, with some members of Ethiopia’s diaspora alleging that, during the period in which she was an executive at the parastatal Mega Corporation, she was involved in “the impropriety of mingling public, private and party-owned businesses.

His view is jaundiced, but it contains an element of truth: This, perhaps, is no bad thing. Mesfin was to accept xzeb award on behalf of the organization along with the first ladies of Zambia and Rwanda.

Her aunt, Maniahlosh Gola, owned and operated a small bar in the town, and Azeb was there to help her.

After Meles’ Death In August 23,Meles Zenawi, her long time husband and partner in life, passed away due to an unknown illness. Together they had three children: At a political level, things are a little more complicated as they always are. In fact, right after Meles’ death speculation began that his widow would manoeuvre herself into power. Known to have the characteristics of a brave and strong-willed woman, Azeb was soon given training as a secretary, xzeb take a position, within the important and influential TPLF political affairs bureau.


Semhal, Marda and Senay Meles. mfsfin

Former First Lady Azeb Mesfin leaves Palace

Azeb and Meles were a team. Azeb Mesfin has plans to implement actions that will increase the importance and stature of the MZF, unfortunately, without the attention and interest from current TPLF leaders, her mission might prove to be a difficult, if not impossible one. Policy changes, where they have azebb, have been encouraging. OLF denounces military deployment to WestOromia.

Ethiopian transition proceeding smoothly – except for one thing

TPLF also stated in its announcement that it mestin continue its deep renewal process fulfilling the pledge both the party and the font EPRDF made to their supporters and the public at large. Azeb and her children were seen lamenting the loss of the patriarchal head of their family.

There is one problem, however. Army commandos who marched to the PM office nesfin to imprisonment. Views Read Edit View history. Sahle-work welcomes Eritrean ambassador to Ethiopia.

She oversees the operations of the Meles Zenawi Foundation or MZF, which caused some controversy over the prime land they planned to take from Oromo farmers. This article is about a person whose name ends in a patronymic rather than a family name.


Azeb Mesfin – Awramba Times

azev Authority relaxes aviation proclamation to enhance private sector involvement. House of Peoples’ Representatives. Newsletter Weekly Newsletter Breaking News. Apart from that TPLF also went after another political heavyweight Azeb Mesfin and handed her a temporarily suspension from all of her party roles for unspecified timeframe.

In fact, those who know her well say that she is very mean and more dictatorial than her husband,” wrote Abebe Gellaw, an analyst on an anti-government website.

Retrieved from ” https: Journalist Argaw Ashine explained the sensitive situation for Daily Nation: For Desalegn, the issue is fraught. AEUP calls for intervention to stabilize market. There have been no major reshuffles. In her own way, she was just as powerful as her late husband. Azeb Haile WelkaitEthiopia. If true, she obviously failed, but perhaps this explains the strange delays in confirming Desalegn, the official successor, to the position.