Although, the fan runs all the time, the noise level is alright when running office applications. So, the mobility of this notebook is rather limited. Under load the runtime is just above one hour. However, how about the other qualities of the case? The display of Satellite AO6 is moderately, that is below-average, bright.

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However, this laptop is not fit for current gamesthough some older games with less 3D-demands might run smoothly. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. At least indoors, we had the personal impression that the brightness is sufficient and the display alright. The display of Satellite AO6 is moderately, that is below-average, bright. However, the slider at the display’s front edge, makes opening cumbersome. Keyboard and touch pad are user-friendly.

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Many thanks to the company MediaMarkt Welswhich kindly provided us with the reviewed notebook. Equipped with a dedicated video card, also multimedia applications are possible to some extent, e. The same is true for the pictures of these parts.


Actually the Toshiba Satellite A is a prime example regarding this aspect. However, how about the other qualities of the case? However, they do not only contribute to the appearance of the Satellite A, also the user-friendliness profits by a beveled front edge next to the palm rest areas and the touch pad. The keyboard is tightly attached to w200 case and hardly yields.

You can also 1wx the notebook there. The displayed picture is due to a brilliant contrast ratio still good.

The reflecting WXGA display has a good contrast ratio.

Satellite AAX – Toshiba

Additionally, the opening angle of the lid is constricted. We especially liked the used shapes. However, it is not fit for current games with high 3D demands. Whether this annoys also depends on your preferences. Anyway, the notebook is considered for office applications. The key feedback can be characterized by an early point of pressure and a hard stop. In the center of the screen we measured a maximum of only The current design by Toshiba looks good.


Review Toshiba Satellite AO6 Notebook – Reviews

Furthermore, its brightness is 1zx sufficient to guarantee an adequate contrast. Toshiba homepage Toshiba notebook section. The Toshiba Satellite A is one of the reasonable consumer notebooks. The output of the 3. The battery runtime ranges from 1.

Still, indoors it is alright. The display is attached to a single central hinge – a solution very similar to the one of the Macbook Pro.

Review Toshiba Satellite A200-1O6 Notebook

Apparently a digital video out is still not standard in this price class. The brightness isn’t very high too. It can attract all those who do not want to spend too much money. So, the noise level is alright The constantly changing speed was especially remarkable, because it caused a really annoying noise.